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Our staffing agency was founded in 2010.
We rent staff and expertise to companies that need knowledgeable employees. We are at your service whenever you need us. Welcome to work with us!

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We are a small and personal staffing company that excels at offering valuable expertise to companies in a wide variety of industries, creating long-lasting relationships along the way.


You might be wondering what’s “marine” about us? The answer is simple – we who run the company have a background in the boating industry. It is still our area of expertise, but our repertoire is now much broader. In addition to the boating industry, we also supply staff for the construction, electrical, and automotive industries.


MarinPool is a subsidiary of Scandinavian Teak Deck Ab, which partly operates abroad. That is why we are also looking for workers who can imagine working outside Finland’s borders. Maybe you’re the one we’re looking for?

This is us

The individual at the center

Being a small company is a strength. The fact that we are few in number means in practice that we can work closely with our staff; from the time the contract is signed until the assignment is completed. We make sure that our employees thrive, both with the customer company and with us.

A love for craftsmanship

MarinPool is located in Ostrobothnia, where craftsmanship has long traditions. Valuable skills are being passed on from generation to generation, and by employing skilled craftsmen, we ensure that the knowledge is never lost.

From boats to people

It is said that every end is the beginning of something new. That is exactly what happened when the foundation for MarinPool was laid. Our story began with us making boats for Anytec in Esse. When that era ended, we changed shape and became a staffing agency, and by now, we can rent out staff to virtually any industry.


Do you or your company need more staff? Or are you ready for the next step in your career and looking for a new job?

Whichever it might be, get in touch with us, and we will take care of the rest. Leave your contact information in the form below, and we will get in touch when we have something on the radar.

Do you have questions or want to know more? Don’t hesitate to contact us!
Send an email to or call 0408375892.

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